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Wedding Venues In Turkey: Indoor vs Outdoor

Choosing a venue in Turkey is one of the biggest, most important decisions you have to make during the wedding planning process.

When choosing between an indoor or outdoor wedding venue in Turkey it all comes down to one word: CONTROL

If you’re torn between an indoor and an outdoor wedding venue, you’re not alone. Here are some  advantages and disadvantages you need to consider for each venue type.

Hopefully, the following helps you determine the venue that’s right for you.

Indoor Wedding Venues in Turkey

Wedding Venues In Turkey Wedding Venue In Istanbul

More control over unpredictable elements.

An indoor space provides you with climate-controlled blessing and no concerns about wind, sun, and rain. If you want to avoid coming up with a “plan B”, then an indoor reception is the way to go.

Fewer logistics to worry about.

Unless you’re getting married in a completely “raw space” indoor venue, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got built-in power outlets, restrooms, and kitchen facilities! Most indoor wedding venues also have nearby parking and public transport.

Limited views—and limited space!

Unless your indoor wedding venue has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a lovely landscape, you’ll have a limited view of the great outdoors. And if you’re having a huge wedding of, say, over 1000 you may be hard-pressed to find an indoor venue that fits both your style and your guest count

Possible décor restrictions.

Though you may be tempted to dress your wedding venue to the max, you’ll need to ask about restrictions on décor. For example, you may not be allowed to hang anything from the rafters. And while you love the look of flickering votives or volcano fountains, many venues just don’t want to deal with the fire hazard. Talk with your venue manager about the vision you have for your wedding and read your contract carefully—you don’t want any surprises when it comes to what you can and can’t include in your décor.

Your catering and cake will look good for the duration.

Besides your own comfort, the nice thing about a climate-controlled indoor space is that the food and confections will be kept at an appropriate temperature—and protected from the elements!

Artificial lighting.

Indoor wedding venues that are dim or even dark may rely heavily (or entirely!) on artificial lighting, which means you’ll want to be sure your photographer is skilled at capturing beautiful indoor photos under those conditions. Ask to see a wedding in their portfolio that was shot at a venue similar to yours.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Turkey

Outdoor Wedding Venues In Turkey

Nature Beauty is the guest of honor.

The main attraction at an outdoor wedding is definitely the Nature—and it’s not always in the best of moods! A beautiful setting often comes with a chance of rain, strong winds messing with your hairstyle, or heat and humidity that gives new meaning to the phrase “sweating for the wedding”. At the very least, you’ll want to consider protecting your guests from the elements and keep them comfortable!

Bring on the bad-weather backup plan!

To play it safe, find out what the weather forecast is going to be for your wedding day, make sure to give your guests whatever travel tips they need to be prepared, and always (always!) have a contingency plan in place. Just keep in mind that a “plan B” isn’t always free! It may cost extra to reserve that “just in case” event space. If a contingency plan has the potential to bust your budget, you may reconsider your outdoor options.

Ask about permits and restrictions.

These detailed things you’ll need to know about when hosting your reception outdoors. A permit isn’t always required to have a wedding in a licensed outdoor wedding venue in Turkey. But, if you have a large guest count or want to reserve a specific area for a certain amount of time in national parks or on a public places, you may need to obtain one. You’ll also need to inquire about noise ordinances, restrictions on amplified sound, and even size limits on tents or canopies.

It’s easy to keep the décor simple!

A celebration on the beach, in a shady redwood grove, or in a lush flora-filled garden requires very little decoration—which means very little effort and extra expense when it comes to your décor. Natural beauty for the win! However, you’ll want to be careful with the enhancements you do use. For example, you don’t want a strong gust of wind knocking over your tall centerpieces.

You may need to bring in a lot of rentals.

This can include everything from the tables, chairs, linens, and flatware to the sound system and décor (not to mention other potential rentals like portable restrooms and generators—things you’d never have to worry about at, say, a ballroom wedding venue).

Nothing beats natural lighting!

While your wedding photographer should be adept at capturing fabulous shots indoors, outdoors, and anytime day or night, we can all agree that natural lighting is just the dreamiest!

Fun games and kid-friendly

Use the open, outdoor spaces for fun games or shows to entertain your guest between events. Outdoor areas are also super kid-friendly, as the little ones can run around freely while their parents sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Bugs and Insects Might Disturb You

Depending on the season, insects can be unwanted “guests” at your wedding. If bugs are a potential problem, well-placed citronella candles or bug spray favors can save everyone a lot of discomfort.


The fact is, you have more control over your environment with an indoor event space. It’s invariably climate-controlled and weather-proof, you can invest in décor without wondering if the wind will knock things over, or the rain will turn everything to wet.

You also have restrooms, kitchen facilities, and electrical outlets already built in. So if you’re a bit of a control freak, booking an indoor wedding reception space will offer some serious peace of mind.

That being said, an indoor wedding space really can’t compete with the beauty and splendor of outdoor wedding space!

Conversely, if you choose an indoor wedding venue, remember that you can use the outdoor space to take pictures, even if your ceremony and reception are not outside. Outdoor weddings will naturally have a less formal feel to them, from seaside beaches and lush gardens, the great outdoor space provides an unbeatable backdrop that will take your wedding photos to the next level.

If you can’t decide, compromise!

Wedding Venues In Turkey

Opt for an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception.

Who says you’ve gotta go all indoor or all outdoor? If the weather permits, enjoy both settings by exchanging vows outside followed by dinner and dancing inside. Many wedding venues in Turkey offer a combination of indoor and outdoor event spaces, and a celebration that flows between them provides a refreshing change of scenery for your guests.

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