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Documents for Marriage in Turkey

Here at Getting Married In Turkey, we’ve created this comprehensive guide about the required documents from foreigners to register their marriage in Turkey. 

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Where To Buy A Wedding Dress In Istanbul?

Istanbul Bridal Stores

Istanbul bridal shops are concentrated in regions such as Fatih, Bakırköy, Nişantaşı, and Kadıköy. However, while Istanbul Fatih offers affordable options in terms of wedding dress prices and models, we can say that higher priced models stand out in regions such as Nişantaşı and Kadıköy.

Bakırköy Wedding Dress Prices:

Bakırköy, together with Fatih, is a district preferred by bride candidates looking for affordable wedding dresses. There are options for every budget and style in the region where lace, embroidered, A-cut and princess models stand out. The minimum prices are around $300-$500.

Kadıköy Wedding Dress Prices:

We can say that in the companies in the region, fish, straight and A-cut wedding dresses, as well as two-piece models stand out. Prices in the region start at a minimum of $500.

Fatih Wedding Dress Prices:

Fatih offers the candidates who look for bridal gowns for every style and budget. Especially in the district where the A cut, princess and hijab wedding dress models stand out, prices start from $300.

Nisantasi Wedding Dress Prices:

We can say that Nişantaşı wedding dress models are more expensive compared to other regions where wedding dress companies are frequently found. In the district where the tulle, appliqué and embroidered bridal models come to the fore, you can often come across A cut, straight cut and fish wedding dress models. Minimum prices start from $500-$700.

Wedding Dress In Istanbul Turkey

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Wedding dress in Istanbul is affordable in terms of prices and models, bridal shops are concentrated in regions such as Fatih, Bakırköy, Nişantaşı, and Kadıköy.


Wedding Services in Turkey

We offer a wide range of destination wedding services in Turkey from full service planning and execution to wedding day coordination; and can be as involved as you want us to be on your Big Day.

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