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Wedding Services in Turkey

We offer a wide range of destination wedding services in Turkey from full service planning and execution to wedding day coordination; and can be as involved as you want us to be on your Big Day.

Our Services

Our wedding services in Turkey include anything and everything a wedding requires – from flowers to makeup to photography and more:

Our wedding services in Turkey are offered both collectively and as separate units that couples can pick and choose from. If the couples already have wedding venders in mind, we are happy to supervise the wedding as consultants.

Turkey Destination Weddings

We can plan and design a wedding for you anywhere across Turkey. Whether it be on the banks of the Bosphorus or a beach wedding in Antalya, our wedding planners will make it happen for you. Read below to learn more about all our wedding services in Turkey:

Event Based Budgeting

Depending on your event requirements and tastes, we help you frame a realistic budget for all the wedding services in Turkey and ensure that we work around it through the planning process.

Full Service Wedding Planning

Wedding Decor Turkey
Full Service Wedding Planning
Wedding Services In Turkey
Wedding Services in Turkey | Wedding Services

We take care of the entire process of wedding planning. Right from Venue search to vendor management- we help you with taking the stress out and giving you a hassle-free experience.

On the Day Coordination

‘On The Day Coordination’ is a service designed for any couple who have planned their own wedding, but require a helping hand to make sure the day itself runs smoothly.

Venue Booking & Site Inspections

Turkey Wedding Venue
Wedding Services In Turkey
Wedding Services in Turkey | Wedding Services

Based on client preferences and additional practical inputs from our end, we help you select the best possible venues for your ceremonies, functions & parties.

A venue site inspection is an in-person evaluation of potential event venues. We recommend conducting venue search and site inspections early in the event planning process to assist you with venue selection.

Wedding Theme & Concept Design

Whether you want a traditional ceremony or something contemporary, we conceptualize beautiful themes for each event. Beginning with wedding invites to decor & catering, right down to thematic menu cards and creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. we can design it all for you.

Wedding Decor & Flower Arrangement

Decor is an integral part of a wedding and we design this aspect for you keeping in mind your tastes and the latest trends. 

We have a strong team of design experts who will make your dream wedding a reality. Whether your wedding budget is big or small, we can assure you a design you would remember forever.

Sounds & Lights Arrangement

Well executed lights & sounds is what provides ambience at weddings. We provide state of art sound, AV and lighting systems, creatively using them to highlight the decor and the event itself.

Wedding Music & Entertainment

What’s a wedding without some entertainment? We organizing a wide range of wedding entertainment options, including live music, DJs, celebrity appearances, performers, dancers, cake shows, fireworks, audio requirements, lighting design & special effects.

Hair Styling & Makeup

The right hair and makeup artist can do magic. We provide the best stylists to take care of you on your special day and give you the dewy, glowing look that every girl wants on their wedding day.

Creative Photography & Videography

Photos and videos remain with you for a lifetime, taking you back again and again to your wedding day. Arranging wedding photography & videography specialists across a diverse set of styles, in keeping with your vision and budget.

It is imperative to choose the right person to capture this day. We help you select a photography and filming team who will be friendly, accessible and of course, awesome!

Hospitality & Guest Management

From arrival departure management to 24/7 assistance at venues and hotels, we do all that is possible to make each guest feel special and welcomed. Our vetted transport agents can provide means of ground transportation that you may need. Our wedding planning team coordinates the logistics and management of the same.

Wedding F&B Catering

We suggest caterers, assist with menu planning and creating signature dishes and beverages to suit the occasion and guest profiles.

Wedding Shopping & Trousseau

 Turkey is one of the most popular shopping paradise in the world. Turkey offers the latest fashion selections – from elegant wedding dresses and cocktail dresses to cutting edge everyday wear.  Browse through the vast amount of shopping places where you can get clothes, shoes, jewellery and gifts at great prices.

Our personal shoppers will assist you to make the right choices and bring your trousseau together in a way that says style, elegance and grace.

Planning Civil Marriage in Turkey

Wedding Services In Turkey | Wedding Services, Istanbul Wedding, Wedding Planner In Istanbul, Wedding Planning In Turkey
Civil Marriage Registration in Turkey

If you are planning to register your marriage in Turkey then we can assist you in the whole process of Civil Marriage Registration in Turkey including consultation on The Required Documents For Registering A Foreign Civil Marriage In Turkey and planning your civil marriage ceremony after registration.

Wedding Consultancy

If you already have wedding vendors in mind, we are happy to supervise the wedding as your personal wedding consultant. We provide you with a professional wedding consultancy service. Focusing on you and coordinating every detail, while giving you tips and trade secrets to save you money and time.

Let’s Create Your Unique Wedding Together!

Every wedding celebration is different as every couple’s dreams are unique. Our work starts with finding the right wedding vendor that suits your vision and budget best.

Always standing by your side to bring you the best wedding services in Turkey.

We often pay for ourselves in the money we save you by our knowledge of Destination Wedding Exclusive Prices.

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