Wedding Venue In Istanbul

Wedding Venues in Turkey

One of the first steps of planning your wedding in Turkey is selecting a venue. Finding the right wedding venues in Turkey is the most time consuming part of your wedding planning, but this section is here to save you time.

It is important to know how many guests you’re planning on inviting. It will then save you the hassle of finding the right place. It’s good to get this number nailed down before you start.

When choosing a wedding venue in Turkey, you’ll need to think about the venue’s location, size, and style to make sure it’s a fit for your wedding plan. Search for venues that fit your vision. And remember—wedding decor can also help transform a venue into your style.

Types of Wedding Venues In Turkey

Wedding Venues In Turkey

No matter what you want from your wedding venue, you can find the perfect setting for your special day in Turkey.

Here is a list of some of the most popular wedding venue types to get you started:

Outdoor Wedding Venues In Turkey

Outdoor Wedding Venues In Turkey Istanbul Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues offer a chance to wed in nature and in glorious sunshine for a picture-perfect day. The beauty of getting married in the great outdoors is the natural light, and in summertime the sun is at its brightest, highlighting all the color and beauty of your natural surroundings.

Many outdoor wedding venues in Turkey have a gazebo at which to say your vows while others have alternative outdoor ceremony space that is ideal for your ceremony and reception. It is sensible to use a garden which also has indoor space for the wedding (eg a hotel with a good garden).

Outdoor Wedding Venues In Turkey Istanbul

Think about long tables under low-hanging foliage in early evening sunshine, lit later in the evening by lanterns and candelabra and decorated with colorful floral table centerpieces.

Outdoor wedding venues are ideal for both formal and informal celebrations as they can be decorated to your requirements as you wish.

City Wedding Venues in Turkey

Wedding Venues In Turkey Istanbul Wedding

If you love the hustle and bustle of the city, you must consider hosting your wedding at a city wedding venue. From sleek, contemporary hotels to the coolest restaurants and banquet halls, For example you can find real surprises within the walls of Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir – roof terraces, secret gardens and more are waiting to be discovered during the planning process of your wedding in Turkey

If you’re the kind of couple who love the noise and excitement of a city it makes sense to choose to host your wedding in one – rather than heading out of the city and missing out on the bright lights and constant buzz that you enjoy in your day to day life.

Wedding Venues In Turkey City Wedding Venues In Istanbul

A city wedding venue in Turkey is also typically much easier to access. Your guests can reach your wedding venue through a number of public transport options and there will be a wealth of accommodation options for everyone who really wants to make the most of the party.

We’ve got a huge selection of stylish city wedding venues in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir for you to search through. There are plenty to choose from if you’re looking for a city wedding venue.

Country Wedding Venues in Turkey

Garden Wedding Venues In Turkey Istanbul Wedding

Country wedding venues in Turkey are rich in grandeur, in beautiful rural settings make for stunning locations and gorgeous outdoor wedding photos. Setting deep in the heart of the countryside makes ideal wedding place with affordable guest rooms and gorgeous styling.

For more informal weddings, pretty farms or villas deep in the countryside, with lovely gardens are perhaps the most obvious choice when it comes to country wedding venues. Set against green trees and grounds, they are ideal for a garden style wedding decorated with freshly picked wildflowers makes a wonderfully country wedding style so different to a chic formal city wedding venue.

Intimate Wedding Venues in Turkey

Intimate Wedding Venues In Turkey

An intimate wedding venue in Turkey is an ideal choice if you’re having a small wedding – whether it’s because you don’t want a large wedding, you’ve only got a small guest list or you’re limited by budget constraints.

Very small wedding venues are ideal for couples who don’t want a huge celebration to mark their marriage but instead want to focus on spending time with just a select group of their nearest and dearest.

Picking a wedding venue that is small and intimate means you’ll be guaranteed a very personal feel to your wedding and you will be able to spend time with all your guests where no one feels spread out and distant.

Whether you want a stylish, contemporary celebration at an art boutique with small capacity, or you want a unique wedding at an old intimate wedding venue, there are plenty of wedding venues to choose from to suit your small wedding parties.

Waterfront Wedding Venues in Turkey

Waterfront Bosphorus Wedding Venues In Turkey

Waterfront wedding venues in Turkey are some of the most beautiful, picturesque locations available for your big day in Turkey. Waterfront wedding venues offer a breathtaking scenery combined with a relaxed vibe.

A waterfront wedding can mean multiple things: a luxury yacht, a sandy beach or a restaurant overlooking the water. Whether you’re getting married near a lake or by the Bosphorus in Istanbul or by the sea in Izmir, there’s something oh-so romantic about a waterfront wedding venue.

Wedding Venues In Istanbul

Weddings by the water offer stunning backdrops with sunrises or sunsets over the water. Bosphorus weddings are perhaps the most popular choice when it comes to selecting outdoor waterfront wedding venues in Istanbul as the water, and cliffs make a truly beautiful and stunning backdrop for wedding photos. 

A beach wedding in an exotic locations like Antalya and Bodrum can be the ultimate in waterfront wedding venues with nothing but sea and sky on all sides. A formal wedding reception happens in the sand with the finest of local cuisine and incredible entertainment

Historic Wedding Venues in Turkey

Wedding Venues In Istanbul Turkey

From Ottoman palaces to romantic old houses, Mansions are perhaps the most popular of these with a wealth of history still showing within their stone walls. It’s incredible to think you could marry in the same place as sultans have done centuries before you.

Wedding Venues In Istanbul Turkey

Many historic wedding venues such as ancient buildings and Ottoman houses feature spectacular architecture and acres of well-kept gardens and grounds, some even have been refurbished to such high standards of luxury, they mix the very best of old with cutting edge new majestic bathrooms with high-ceilings and spectacular views make for a very interesting stay!

Are you wondering where your dream wedding should take place? It’s a good idea to consider the top wedding venue trends in Turkey one by one, imagine yourself in them and decide where you’d like to celebrate your dream day with your sweetheart. Here they are:

Historic Reception Venues

Historic venues are the most popular choice in Istanbul, with 30% of brides planning to host their reception at one.

Getting married in a place that has a great historical significance is an awesome choice. Especially historical mansions, palaces and homes have magnificent Ottoman architecture, and precious decorative elements like chandeliers, paintings, marbles, lamps and flower vases, and often indoor as well as outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. No wonder, would-be couples prefer these venues a lot.

City Hotel Wedding Receptions

Many couples take advantage of all the fabulous city hotel venues in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir and around Turkey. Beautiful hotels with historic or modern ballrooms, incredible sweeping views, and glamorous accents are perfect for a formal or semi-formal wedding.

Banquet Hall Wedding Receptions

Over 40% of Turkish couples choose a classic banquet hall venue for their wedding. That’s not to say that Turkish weddings tend to look totally classic though.

How to Find My Perfect Wedding Venue in Turkey?

Wedding Venues In Istanbul Turkey

There are lots of beautiful wedding venues in Turkey for you to choose but you need to inspect your wedding venue to make sure your venue has everything you require, whether that’s space for a large capacity or exclusive use.

Contact us to help you find the wedding venue of your dreams quickly and efficiently.